On 20 Things To Look Forward To Today

  1. first cup of coffee / tea
  2. the swirl of the milk mixing in
  3. touching a plant
  4. a clean desk
  5. a made up bed
  6. a morning ritual
  7. the first cool drink of water
  8. the first thought of the day
  9. the expanding in your chest with your first deep breath
  10. the first word read
  11. the thrill of a good book
  12. a relaxed mind
  13. feeling a part of something much larger than yourself
  14. fresh flowing ink
  15. a long, deep stretch
  16. a slow bite into a chocolate brownie
  17. the glide down of a well worn t-shirt
  18. fingers through your hair under deliciously warm water
  19. the first sip of a perfectly delicious hot soup




~a work in progress~ https://www.instagram.com/literatelily/

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Lily Sim

Lily Sim

~a work in progress~ https://www.instagram.com/literatelily/

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